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AussieExperience.com was created to act as a hub for exciting and adventurous travel experiences in  Australia.

Tourists are exposed to the Aussie experience when visiting Australia. They may participate in many experiences such as, city lifestyle as well as, the adventurous lifestyle and others. Australia’s major cities showcase the culture and way of life. Tourists can explore architecture and enjoy the melting pot of the local cultures. These visitors can explore the Aussie experience by shopping,attending the theaters, dining in restaurants and bars, and trying out the great last minute accommodation.

Also, they may wish to observe the uninhibited and free-spirited Australian culture. With the relaxed outdoor lifestyle of Australia, eager visitors are exposed to a whirlwind of restaurants, theater, and nightlife events. These events may include jazz in the park with fresh dining, open-air cinemas, beach barbeques, and ballet. Tourists may discover there is also a coastal lifestyle. In the coastal lifestyle, friends and family meet to play games and picnic on the beaches. With 50,000 kilometers of coastline, Australia is a welcoming place for a coastline journey. There are many spectacular coral reefs and white beaches to discover.

Food and wine tasting continue to support the Aussie experience. Australia is known for its high-quality,fresh produce and great hospitality. Australian cuisine is a blend of Asia’s diverse cuisines and the local ethnic groups. Some visitors may want to try the kangaroo tail chili which is offered in some restaurants. While other visitors may want to eat other specialty meats such as, buffalo and crocodile. In Australia, more than ninety grape varieties are grown. Over sixty wine regions are located within Australia. One wine region, Margaret River is located in Western Australia. Another wine region, is located in the state of Tasmania which is considered a cooler climate region for wines.

Australia has fifteen World Heritage-listed wonders. Plus, it has five hundred fifty national parks. By traveling on the many walking trails, visitors can see native plants and strange wildlife. Their are rainforests alongside modern cities. In addition, there is rolling countrysides. Plus, there are lakes and snow capped mountains.

Some visitors may take an adventurous approach to the Aussie experience. These visitors may want to journey the outback of Australia by way of four wheel drive. They may choose to explore the countryside by driving to isolated regions in Australia.

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